Hello There!


I’m a daughter of Jesus trying to live brave in this scary world. After someone very dear to me called me brave, I decided to go on a quest to discover what bravery is and if I really do fit the title.  I’ve spent months praying over bravery. Praying for it, with it, for understanding of it and eyes to see it all around me. God has shown bravery to me in mighty ways through those in my life. And let me tell you a brave soul is a sight to see! My hearts desire right now is for women (and men) to know the love and Truth of Jesus and the power that gives them to live BRAVE and BOLD lives for the glory of Him alone.

If you don’t know me personally:

I think living a vulnerable life is truly the bravest thing one can do.

I’m passionate about sharing hope, healing and life to women who feel they are not enough, not worthy, failures.

Deep conversations fuel me. So do naps.

Hearing other peoples stories waters my soul and keeps me on my knees.

I love a good laugh, but I’ll cry with you too.

instant joys include: mountains, nature, puppies, babies, books and Goodspread

Give me Goodspread and I’ll love you forever.

I “think aloud” a lot. Auditory processor, over here.

Organizing, cleaning and coloring are therapeutic.

3 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. Reading this page brings me the sense of a long-lost friend. I enjoy many of the same things. I’ll be following your blog. Thanks for following mine. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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