the unexpected document: fears and satisfaction

I’ve never reblogged before, but this is simply too good and too necessary not to share! I need to be reminded to trust God with my food life. “Eat right & trust God” might become my new go to refocusing saying. Enjoy!

the pilot pen

To Ashley…
It was a mystery word file floating in the midst of my documents.
The idea of having to write a poem for my creative writing class (NO THANK YOU!) led me to utter procrastination. I was searching through my documents, remembering when I wrote that short story, or wondering why I had never finished that novel… or that one… or that one.
Then I came across one peculiarly titled. To Ashley… “Well that’s odd,” I thought to myself, and I opened it. I was definitely surprised when it revealed to be a letter from my older sister (pictured above… isn’t she beautiful!!). It was something she wrote to me about a year ago. Neither of us know how it got into my documents, she doesn’t remember sending it and I don’t remember saving it. But there it was! I read it through and found myself greatly touched. The letter…

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